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If you looooooooove COPICS like I do and want to meet other COPIC lovers and see their awesome creations, pick up tips and tricks and tutorials.....join! You can also note your current copic collection while creating a wishlist for the COPICS you absolutely need in your life! This is helpful if you have a web-base cellular phone, so that you may view your list when out shopping! Wooo hooooo!

12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS....Linda and Pam Style!

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your LABOR DAY...whether you are working or playing!

I myself am working...but during a quick break, "What the Heck" Linda and I revamped our 25 DAYS of Christmas List for this year. (Hey...for those who celebrate, it will be here sooner than you think). We now have the 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS LINDA AND PAM STYLE! We have chosen 12 days in December (including our birthdays) that we will exchange gifts. I know, I know...last year we did 25 days...but life has interrupted our scrapping and we did not want to cancel the entire event, so we added our own twist! Like last year, we will record ourselves opening our gifts while talking to each other on the phone. And the end , as last year, we will also have a drawing for a prize for the viewer that leaves comments on both of our 12 DAYS of CHRISTMAS.....LINDA AND PAM STYLEYoutube vids. If you want to play along using our list or your own...find a partner and join in the fun. Here is th…