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19 July 2011

My First Blog AWARD!!!!

Hi Everyone! I received my 1st BLOG AWARD-from 2 bloggers! However, the 2 scrappers that bestowed this award  on me, may have me confused with someone else. I say this because the blog award is for being..get this... IRRESISTIBLY SWEET!  Who? Me? Really? I know you ladies watch my YouTube vids and Table Scraps Webisodes! I am nowhere near sweet. It takes someone other than a sweet person to marry Ruckus! LMBO! But, if you insist! LOL!!!  Thank you Linda S. and Yvonne M. You know I adore you both!  I accept my blog award and will display it proudly! In order to truly do this I must......

1. Thank the person(s) who gave it to me.
2. Tell 7 things about myself.
3. Pass it on to 8 others!

And away we go........................

Thank you Linda S. at SCRAPCHICA's STUDIO
Thank you Yvonne M. at SCRAPPING IS BLISS.
You  both ROCK and I am glad that we met and are now srappy sisters! Besos, abrazos y bendiciones!

1. I brush my teeth in the shower!
2. I cannot...repeat...cannot throw up in a toilet! It makes me throw up even more! If needed, I throw up in the sink. TMI right?
3. Favorite word english: onomatopoeia 
                                   spanish: burbuja (bubble)
4. I HATE GOOGLY EYES! They scare me! They are very unnatural! No one's eyes should roll around their head like that unless they are in a movie about demonic possession!
5. I love a good laugh! I do it often because my children and hubby are silly! Just plain silly!
6. If I leave clothes or other items laying around my bedroom at night, 9 times out of ten, I will wake up and scream thinking that something or someone is in my room! 
7. If I hear someone, who is unaware that I speak spanish, saying nasty things about me or
someone else in spanish....I let it go on for as long as I can take it. Then I respond in spanish to what they have said. Usually the first statement that is made after they pick their jaw up off of the floor is "You peeky 'pan-ish?" Makes me laugh every time!  
8. I know I am supposed list 7 things, but I have OCD and have a thing for even numbers. And I love the numer 8.  
                         HONOR WITH THE      

                                     in no particular order......

1. Desi.........
2. Lauren....
3. Linda.......
4. "P"...........
5. Aideen....
6. Laurie.....
7. Keandra..
8. Eileen......

Please stop by and visit these sweet crafty ladies when you get a chance.  Let them know Pocono Pam sent you by!