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As we start this New Year, I wish you all health and happiness! May you all find the blessings that await you with each new day this year!
I really do not make resolutions, but I love to challenge myself! I recently cleaned my scrap room and found I had double of a lot of items. I also have goodies that I haven't even touched yet: a craft sewing machine, Cinch,  and crackle paint to name a few. This year my challenge is NOT TO BUY ANY SCRAPPING GOODIES for a year! Yep, you read it! I WILL NOT BUY ANY SCRAPPING GOODIES FOR ONE WHOLE, LONG, ENTIRE YEAR! And this being a LEAP YEAR, that is 366 days!  Linda, sweetie pie that she is, has decided to take the challenge with me! (I see a future “What The Heck” episode on this challenge! LOL)
For 2012 I challenge myself to only purchase Glue/adhesive Plain cardstock (for cards and diecuts) Craft cardstock
Paper Bags
Envelopes Refills for my COPIC MARKERS Colorless Blender for Copic use Any tool in my arsenal that may become…